Resistencias de cartucho

Heating Cartridges

Rectified and calibrated AISI 321 stainless steel tube, welded bottom, watertight up to a pressure of 60 Kg/cm2. Nickel-Chromium wire resistance 80-20, melting point of 1400 ºC, Insulation with highly compacted electrofused magnesium oxide. Connections using nickel braided ends, covered with silicone fiberglass, flexible from the inside, 250 mm long, except for those of the thermocouple, which are 1000 mm. Cold zones: Depending on diameter, 6 to 12 mm on the connection side between 4 and 8 mm on the welded bottom side Normalized voltage —230V

Resistencias de cartucho

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Heating Cartridges

Heating Cartridges.

General characteristics Rectified and calibrated AISI 321 stainless steel tube. Normalized voltage —230 V.

1- 90 degree angle mesh outlet.

2- 90 degree elbow fiberglass outlet.

3- Termination with fixing plate.

4- Termination with fitting.

5- Vinkel tube outlet.

6- Meshed exit.

7- Output of soapstone beads.

8- Glass sleeve side exit.

9- 90 degree square vinkel tube exit angle.