We are a company with a track record of over fifty years in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial resistors, temperature probes, and domestic heating systems. Our history began in 1948 when Emilio Pellicer Roselló founded INDUSTRIAS ELÉCTRICAS REGIA in a modest workshop located on Mother Teresa Jornet Street in Valencia. Over the years, we have established ourselves in the renowned neighborhood of Ruzafa, setting up our headquarters at 17 Doctor Serrano Street, marking the beginning of a successful period of industrial development.

In July 1986, with a generational change, we decided to rename ourselves as Resistencias Regia S.A., adapting to the times and focusing on meeting the evolving needs of our customers. To continue growing and improve our services, we moved to modern facilities in the industrial park of Catarroja.

At Resistencias Regia S.A., we take pride in our experience and dedication to manufacturing quality products. We strive to develop innovative resistors, specialized temperature probes, and efficient heating solutions, always aiming to exceed our customers' expectations. We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, and we look forward to remaining leaders in the market by providing reliable products and exceptional service.